Apple iPhone 5 curved screen had launched in market

Apple iPhone 5 curved screen had launched in market   Shopping by Apple has sparked rumors that the iPhone 5 could be equipped with a curved glass screen as digittimes. The Cupertino company has been based on the reports, purchased 200-300 glass specialist cutting equipment used for precision cutting of curved glass.                                         
The machines are being stored in different places where Apple currently manufacture their products, but why Apple wants a curved surface instead of a flat? Many believe that usability is the driving force, when Google unveiled the Nexus S last year that came with a slightly curved screen that he said gave him a better view and more comfortable contour when pressed against your face. Maybe Apple wants to produce a similar view, at this stage is anyones guess.

Other news concerning the iPhone launch date in May, which many are predicting still fall in September despite the recent events in Japan, and explosion last week at a Foxconn plant used to manufacture components for Apple.
Payment through iphone 5
At this point it’s pretty obvious that Apple is preparing for this upcoming iPhone device, making sure that everything will be perfect. But the iPhone 5 is far way to go since it will still pass some more testing and pre-production stage before its final release.
Basically, the iPhone 5 will most likely offer something new with its mobile commerce as well as its short range wireless applications. This new technology combined with Apple’s hardware, software and platform strategy, will surely make the iPhone 5 to be a hit once it penetrates the market.

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