Apple iPhone 4 launched Finally in India at rate of 34,500

Apple iPhone 4 launched Finally in India at rate of 34,500 iPhone
Calcutta: Eleven months after Apple's latest smartphone generation will hit stores worldwide, the iPhone 4 was launched on Friday in India, the world's second largest market for mobile phones.

Aircel mobile phone company launched the iPhone 4 with a new pricing model, allowing customers to recover the initial cost of the smartphone in certain plans over 24 months, the company said in a news release. Aircel charged Rs 34,500 for iPhones with a capacity of 16 GB and Rs 40,900 for 32 GB model, he said.
 The declaration of the launch of one of the most anticipated smartphones in the world by Bharti Airtel here and in 34 other cities in India, CEO, Airtel (West Bengal and Orissa) PD Sharma told reporters iPhone 4 will is a separate disorder smartphones in the market, many features of copying Apple.

"IPhone 4 stand out for their original applications and attend to the middle segment as well, with an attractive price that will not create a pinch in the short and long term," Sharma said in the context of the implementation here.

Asked about the delay of almost a year in the product arrives in India after its launch in June in the U.S., Sharma said: "With the third generation (3G)) mobile phone networks only the age of majority Recently in India, there was no other option but the iPhone from 4 to wait. "

"The phone will cost Rs 34 500 with 16 GB and Rs 40,900 with 32 GB capacity, which is attractive given the long-term use. The system is powered by Apple A4 (operating system) boasts a screen retina, FaceTime video chat, rear 5 MP camera in front of the LED flash and video recording of high definition, "he said.

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