Apple had launched iPhone 4S for Sprint and T-Mobile

Apple had launched iPhone 4S for Sprint and T-Mobile               
There is a new iPhone is coming. You've heard, right? Of course you have. There have been plenty of rumors and speculation about the device still does not notice, and bearing in mind that no one is waiting to see until September, there will be much rumor and speculation in the coming weeks. Some of the constant rumors suggest that Apple is preparing for iPhone finally land in more than two companies. This measure assumes that finally put the iPhone in all major U.S. wireless operators, and end a particular rumor has been going strong since 2008. But that's if everything goes according to plan rumors. From now on the iPhone 4 is available in the AT & T and Verizon. The latest model, suggested 4S iPhone called more often at this point will be the first time there has been a release of several airlines in the States for the Apple phone. But at the same time that a story in itself, the biggest news is the fact that T-Mobile USA and Sprint subscribers can finally get the network to the fun.

However, there is plenty of room for a rumor of this magnitude through the fall. There are a lot of differences this time, however, unlike when these rumors swirled around for years. Unlike then, Apple is not locked into a contract with AT & T, which is evident by the fact that the iPhone 4 is available on the Verizon network. Therefore, it is perfectly plausible for Apple to launch the next generation iPhone on any network they wish. In addition, a 4S iPhone Sprint is not out of the question, as Apple has shown that a CDMA based iPhone can launch here locally.
So it seems that all the ducks are in a row for the launch of an iPhone 4S multiple companies. And while everyone is guessing whether the device of land in the Sprint network and T-Mobile, there seems no doubt about the phone coming from Verizon and AT & T. But what if Apple were to take a walk, and indeed the next release of iPhone for only Sprint and T-Mobile? We have word of mouth the possibility of bringing a wave of iPhone customers of the Sprint network, but I think it would further increase if the iPhone was a Sprint 4S (or Sprint and T-Mobile) single device

I know. This is crazy talk. But, listen. There have been plenty of people who took the iPhone 4 Verizon a few months ago, and now there are rumors about a new version of the device coming out before the end of 2011. For customers of Verizon, which is not much fun in the portfolio. But AT & T subscribers, it is obvious that it makes sense to get a new iPhone more than a year later. But, with rumors pointing to another iPhone release in early 2012, perhaps that subscribers of AT & T expects a bit more is not that bad of an idea.Read more 


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