The Super Bowl Commercials You can Watch Ad

The Super Bowl Commercials You can Watch Ad:
What follows are Other concluding thoughts on the ad bowl the was played inside Super Bowl XLV.

*For all the discussion of how the commercials got making so widely shared before the game, one spot overly is normal to be measured a hit was a stealth spot for the Chrysler 200 the current featured Eminem and took a firmly pro-Detroit and pro-American-auto-industry stance. It was not until Friday who it became celebrated too the spot was heading to be in the game, and as far as I can inform it may not own continued to be had online before the game.

*The movie category vied among the automotive category for supremacy in the game. If you toss in auto-related spots, desire people for Bridgestone, CarMax and, the Automatic category came out ahead. But among a revelation spot for the following movie "Limitless," the tally for movie lofts totaled four -- Disney, Paramount, Relativity, 20th Century Fox and Universal -- and there got 10 movies advertised nationally in total.

*It should be interesting to see how multi viewers are re-watching the 20th Century Fox "Rio" commercial as portion of a promotion for the popular Angry Birds game. (A frame in the spot has a code embedded so directs players to a special total amount of the game.) Slotting the spot in the fourth quarter was moreover a smart move on the studio's part, considering the game's closeness.


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