Money Saver Prime Card How to Get Money Saver and what are Benefits

Money Saver Prime Card How to Get Money Saver and what are Benefits:
The Money Saver is the peak bunch of exclusive discounts, offer, deals, coupons out of on thousands of retail outlets everywhere India.

About Money Saver Prime Card

Headquartered in New Delhi, Money Saver is the pioneer and boom leader in the sells promotions and couponing delivery world in India, and aides thousands of mortgage holders to save funds on the details properties do each day. We cater to all sorts of retail purchases – From dining out to apparel, based on information from grocery to movies and based on information from travel to as good as any retail purchase.
Thousands of the memberships are by now making sold.

Money Saver Prime Card Product Overview

MoneySaver Card: Cards the come up with lendees entrance to our platform this delivers smart proposals to a buyer when properties clamor them, at which properties clamor them.

MoneySaver Catalogue: The exorbitant valuable catalogue that will be able to be sent to the consumer amongst all the most recent prohibitive superior propositions according to most major merchants. Information gateway to the nice allows who Money Saver gives to its subscribers and numerous a greater amount of benefits.

Custom Discount Programs: Our establishment has expertise in producing coupon books, directories, cards and online markdown programs who can be personalized for roughly any application, corporate, merchant or retailer.


The MoneySaver cards are to be had online here and by calling 011-45650000.

Large organizations and firms incorporate MoneySaver to this sales, re-selling and employee help programs.

How to Get Money Saver Prime Card

New MoneySaver cards are distributed every year in a set period by the HR department to workers who head in ponders participating in the program. If you did not decide on up a card in the period and will want one now, please visit your HR department.

76, IInd Floor, Phase-III,
Okhla Industrial Area,
New Delhi 110020, India.
Phone: 011-4537 1100 (9am to 11pm, 7 days a week)


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