Current petrol price in pakistan compare with Petrol Prices in India

Current petrol price in Pakistan today:
Product Price [Rs.]
HOBC 86.67
Premium 72.96
High Speed Diesel 78.33
Light Speed Diesel 66.61
Kerosene Oil 70.95

Check out Petrol Prices in India
City 2005 Price 2008 Price 2009 Price 2010 Price 2011 Price
Ahmedabad 26-Sep-05 47.32
Andhra Pradesh
Bangalore 3-Oct-05 50.66 23-May-08 55.00 14-Mar-09 52.17 16-Dec-10 63.45 17-Jan-11 65.45
11-Nov-08 57.17
Chennai 11-Jun-08 55.00 2-Jul-09 48.58 20-Aug-10 58 16-Jan-11 63.36
2-Jul-08 59.20 29-Jan-09 44.24 2-Jul-10 57
4-Jun-08 49.62
9-Jun-08 58.91
Hyderabad 22-Apr-08 55.00 14-Jul-10 57.91
30-May-08 51.10
11-Jun-08 60.00
13-Jun-08 56.65
25-Nov-08 56.00
Kerala 18-Jan-11 61.31
Kolkata 10-Dec-05 46.90 4-Jun-08 48.95 2-Jul-09 48.25 16-Jan-11 62.50
29-Jan-09 44.05
Madurai 19-Nov-08 55.26
Mumbai 8-Mar-08 56.00 2-Jul-09 48.76 7-Jul-10 55.20 16-Jan-11 63.08
4-Jun-08 50.51 4-Mar-09 44.00
29-Jan-09 44.55
Nagpur 23-Apr-08 54.25
New Delhi 22-Sep-05 43.49 24-May-08 47.00 2-Jul-09 44.63 4-Jul-10 51.43 16-Jan-11 58.37
Pune 4-Jun-08 45.52 6-Jul-09 48.00 19-Dec-10 60.47
29-Feb-08 51.46 29-Jan-09 40.62 11-Jul-10 52.00
15-Jul-08 54.95 26-Jan-09 53.00
Punjab 13-May-10 53.00
Tamil Nadu 13-Jul-10 55.92 16-Jan-11 63.01
Vadodara,Gujrat 26-Jun-08 53.48
Margao /Goa

8-Jul-10 52.11
Indore 6-Aug-10 55.17

Govt provided that forestall soaring the expenses of petrol and diesel: Pervez Malik

Pakistan Muslim League-N’ required leader & member National Assembly and industrialist Muhammad Pervez Malik has declared the present the government federal could forestall incrementing the value of petrol and diesel, otherwise the tsunami of worth hike could appear in the country.

He alleged right now in a urge statement handed out right here Sunday. Pervez Malik argued such a the authorities on the pressure of IMF, is able to not be allowed to improve ranges of the petroleum products. He argued the if the everyone of Pakistan as if in Tunis, Egypt and Yemen, came on roads as a protest against the worth hike, subsequently the rulers may undergo to quit power. The rulers when and if still be presently event in minds so the families in these a bargain should not assist them to flee based on the country, he added.

Muhammad Pervez Malik more argued which the countrywide market's success due to incorrect steps of the government, alternatively improving was deteriorating. He assumed such a if the authorities has to deliver somewhat to the world and nation, it might initiate 10-point nationwide agenda of the PML-N without greater number of delay, putting in too its progress was especially ongoing at contemporary in currently regard. He believed the shoppers is planning to be provided that reprieve immediately, otherwise properties can appear on roads.


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