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Headquartered in New Delhi, Money Saver is the pioneer and arena leader in the dealings promotions and couponing delivery region in India, and supports thousands of families to save finances on the circumstances properties do any day. We cater to all sorts of retail purchases - From dining out to apparel, according to grocery to movies and of travel to virtually any retail purchase.

Thousands of these types of memberships are at this moment making sold.
Learn How to Use Your MoneySaver Card

Q. How do I get a MoneySaver card?
A. New MoneySaver cards are distributed every year in a set period by the HR department to constituents who run in ponders participating in the program. If you did not select up a card in the period and should want one now, please visit your HR department.
Q. Can my family and friends use the MoneySaver card?
A. Savings in the MoneySaver bill are accessible to members only. You may request for an Add On Card that your family can use still if you are not present.
Q. Are interns fit for a MoneySaver Card?
A. Check through your HR department on the same.
Q. Do I ask for to catalog my card lot or activate my card?
A. Yes. You want to activate your card by:
a. Calling our Customer Care total sum (011-45650000).
b. Sending your card good amount of via SMS to 5607066.
c. Registering your card on the website.

The MoneySaver Attractions & Tickets

Q. How do I use the card at MoneySaver Attractions?
A. Simply recent your card at the ticket counter or venue entry and suggest the level of qualified adults and children in your party. The cashier plans to scan your card and compile the appropriate duration following discount. For a broad record of venues, preventing the MoneySaver Attractions section of the MoneySaver site.
Q. Where can I come across tickets?
A. Links to arrangement tickets to theme parks, movie theaters and theaters are to be had through the Travel & Entertainment category on MoneySaver website.

MoneySaver Dining, Services, & Online

Q. How do I use the card at local businesses?
A. When visiting participating businesses, merely most recent the card before completing your transaction. Your price cut or membership godsend is able to be applied at the height of turn over (unless otherwise noted).
Q. How do I use the card at restaurants?
A. Your MoneySaver savings are repeatedly intended away out of the table. When utilizing the card at participating restaurants clearly enter it providing your technique of payment, and your rate cut am able to be discreetly deducted on your bill.
Q. Are there any restrictions on restaurant use?
A. You may use the restaurant discounts as often as you like. However, the restaurant send back is subject to the upcoming terms and circumstances laid slumping in the terms & things page.
Q. How do I purchase the price reduction offered by online vendors?
A. Participating online vendors are listed within the duration of the MoneySaver site. You would like to send an SMS providing the brand’s and cr to 5607066 that ought to issue out you amongst the promotion code. Please store this moment promotion code within checkout to avail the offer.

Lost Cards & Cards for Employees Outside the Distribution Areas

Q. I lost my card! How can I get a replacement?
A. If you undergo lost your card, please connect with our patron service at 011-45650000.
Q. Cards got not distributed to my office; how can I get a card?
A. Please make contact with your HR/Admin Department.

MoneySaver has its origins in the way multi of us issue out purchases, by seem to be for a astronomical deal. We all see permits originating to us in a large number of forms- banners outside stores, newspaper ads, direct mailers, etc. However, there is frequently somewhat so doesn’t look affirmatory amongst these kinds of offers- either there is an “up to 50% off” (which mostly leads to you plans to be lucky to discover somewhat you fancy on a clever discount), or a compact star on the top properly corner that points to “Conditions Apply” (Renders multitude of provides nearly unusable), or a dozen a larger amount of ways terms and situations are applied to any offer. As routine consumers, we didn’t suppose currently was right, and too discounts desire to be simple, unconditional and worthwhile. This is why MoneySaver was created. To deliver superiority propositions to purchasers who can cost them- anytime, anywhere.Go here for more details


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