How Selina blogging is a form of therapy

How Selina blogging is a form of therapy
Pop singer Selina of Taiwan's popular girl band S.H.E. has been heard updating her fans around her route to recovery over micro-blogging, and stated she is paying off the medium as a construct of therapy.

"Writing is additionally a sort of rehabilitation," wrote the 29-year-old singer, who sustained burns within 54 per cent of her person additionally springing an explosion scene for a drama chain Oct. 22 in Shanghai.

The singing sensation has as well uploaded a returning view photo of her and Chang Cheng-chung, a 38-year-old lawyer whom she had intended to marry, walking hand-in-hand short of street lights at night on Feb. 4, the instant day of the Lunar New Year.

"I experience to walk a greater number of as new skin is gaining on my legs, " Selina argued on her blog. "The steps I'm choosing may be shaky and the mask I'm wearing intimidating, but the eyes short of the mask are bright and supposed for the problem ahead."

Since her discharge based on information from hospital, the popular singer, whose true and cr is Jen Chia-hsuan, has been heard blogging each few days right about her recovery, telling her fans in the greater Asian boom on her experience.

She believed the current sharing her thoughts and feelings in the public is therapeutic.

Writing is encouraged by a small amount of doctors as a fashion therapy to windfall patients express this emotions, according to a psychotherapist who specializes in the service of hurt survivors and patients in rare diseases.

"Patients can produce at a slump such a terrible emotions so institutions can supply them feedback and encouragement, that is of critical price levels within the duration of the recovery process," believed psychotherapist Lee Yi-ming.


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