Yahoo Domain Registration

Yahoo Domain Registration Domain Name Registration or Web Domain Registration is an effortless process, if one knows how to go about the entire process. Let us explain the general dos and don'ts that comprise domain name registration. Begin the process of Domain Name Registration by selecting a few appropriate web addresses before you finalize on the one that is most suitable for you and register your selected domain name right away, with any domain registration service provider like Yahoo! Small Business. For domain registration in India, you can choose from the following options - .com,, .in .net, .biz, .info and other extensions; again, it is totally as per your requirements. Whilst going about your domain name registration process, please make sure that your web address is relevant to your business and is not very complicated.
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Valid Period For Domain

   1-year term: $9.95
    2-year term: $19.90
    3-year term: $29.85
    5-year term: $49.75

After term expires: $34.95/year


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