Amazing Fact

Amazing Fact 

1)Being Unmarried Can Shorten a man's Life by 10 years

2)Coffee beans Can Be Mixed Into 'B" type of Blood ,Changing it to 'o' type Of Blood

3)When Shakeshphere couldn't find any tittle for his play he called it 'as you like it'

4)Alexander the great,the conqueror of The world didn't know swimming

5)on an average right-handed people live a year longer than left handed people

6)The People of Korea Eat 30,000 snakes each day

7)Hot drinks cool you down better than cold drinks do

8)Chewing Gum While Peeling Onions will keep you from crying

9)Some tothpaste and make-up kits contains crushed volcanic stones.

10)Napoleon suffered from "Ailurophobe' the fear of cats,however tthis was not used against him

11)If You sneeze to hard you may fracture a rib.if you try to suppress a sneeze you can rupture a blood vessel in your head or neck and die

11)wearing headphone for 1 hour can increased the bacteria in your ears 100 times


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